Our History

John Wesley Wilson started the company in 1937 with four red Dodge, single axle trucks and four 20 ft trailers. This began the company’s history in food distribution. Eventually the 22 different trucking companies that hauled for the A&P grocery chain became one, Wilson’s Truck Lines.

The focus of the company shifted during World War II. Along with expanding the fleet, Wilson’s hauled aircraft wings from the Victory plant in Malton to Fleet Aircraft in Fort Erie.

Returning to our core business, after the war, our company continued to expand through both organic growth and acquisitions.

In 1950, Wilson’s operated the first tractor-trailer shipment west of Sudbury in northern Ontario, all on gravel roads. Prior to this innovation, the only way to transport goods and produce into Sault Ste Marie, located 700 KM northwest of Toronto, was by train.

The family and the business have flourished and stayed on track with John Wilson’s vision, from 75 years ago.

Ontario trucking company.