Wilson’s Truck Lines Celebrates 80 Years of Service



President’s Million Mile Club

Wilson’s Truck Lines Limited will be holding their annual President’s million mile awards banquet on October 25th, 2014.
We’ve invited all our “accident free“ Million Milers to join their peers at Air Canada Centre where they will all enjoy a night of hockey and camaraderie in a private box watching the Toronto Maple Leafs host the Boston Bruins.

This year is a very special event, as we have 3 drivers reaching an unprecedented milestone of 3,000,000 miles!

We will also have 2 drivers reaching 2,000,000 miles and 1 driver achieving 1,000,000 miles.

The above are all “ accident free “ miles.

This event is held every year and this year promises to be one of the best!

Congratulations to all our “ Million Milers”




Wilson’s Truck Lines Celebrates 75 Years of Service

A true pioneer in the transportation industry, Wilson’s Truck Lines celebrates its 75th year serving the dedicated transportation requirements of the retail food sector throughout Ontario and Western Quebec.

The family owned company has adopted “change” to drive even greater efficiency into the outsourced fleet model that Wilson’s is known for. Their “Real-Time Truck Transport Approach” provides a customised activity based closed-looped retail delivery system designed on efficiency.
The benefits to customers include:

  • An engineered productive standard for both travel time and at- dock time
  • A tariff controlled by a real-time on-board GPS system to ensure accuracy and easy forecasting and accounting
  • Paying for only the miles driven that have been predefined in the daily routing system
  • Paying a flat delivery rate based on receiving demands at each store location

President, Marc Mousseau explains “We still pick up and deliver product with trucks but the sophistication of how we manage that process has evolved to a fine tuned science rich in technology, real time visibility and measurable results.” He adds, “We’ve come a long way and have managed the change necessary to be a viable partner for our customers into the future.”

Wilson’s Truck Lines has the expertise to manage your private fleet requirements and free up your company assets and personnel. The additional flexibility achieved by outsourcing your fleet allows customers to reduce or add vehicles and drivers to match daily distribution volumes. Visibility is maintained with equipment decaled to individual client specifications.